Bumpdate: 28 Weeks

Hellooooo third trimester!!! We are officially in the final stretch with this little nugget of ours and I couldn't be more excited for all the adventures to come! I've even noticed a change in the dogs recently, too. They follow me around like hawks and are more cuddly. Harvey will even push his way into the bathroom and lie right on the bath mat while I'm in the shower. I can't wait to introduce them to our little lady and add in a stroller to our walks :) 

Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

You guys, so much for monthly "bumpdates" lol. Maybe bi-monthly updates is more my style, eh? But nevertheless, almost 10 weeks later and I'm back with LOTS of new info regarding this bump of mine. 

Our Latest "Creation"

You guys! I couldn't be more excited to announce that our family will be growing this year! This July, I will be graduating from fur-mom, to fur AND human mom! Yep! We are due July 16th and couldn't be happier!

DIY Canvas Art Jewelry Organizer

For the longest time I've hung my necklaces on one of those over-the-door coat hanger type things. Not exactly the cutest thing in the world and talk about annoying--every time I closed and opened the doors the necklaces would jingle-jangle and swing back and forth. So I knew it was time for an upgrade.

Mike had just recently set up my stand-up vanity in the corner of our bedroom and I thought it could use some sprucing up so I decided to nail two birds with one stone... organizational art!

DIY Galaxy Wine Glasses

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My very first YouTube video is officially live! You can watch it right up there or by following this link to my YouTube channel. I highly suggest you subscribe because this is just the beginning! I'm branching more and more into video and plan on having more DIY videos, painting tutorials, and possibly a new series soon... and yes, wine/beer/booze will be involved.

This first DIY couldn't be simpler and only requires a few supplies and minimal painting skills. I promise! Your short shopping list includes:
  • Wine glasses
  • Multi-surface paint (like this these: http://amzn.to/1YrnjQ6)*
  • A 0.5"-1" paint brush
  • Natural sponge
  • Cookie sheet and conventional oven
  • Wine to celebrate!
I hope you enjoy the video and would love to know what you think so leave me a comment on here or the video itself! If you have any DIYs or paintings you'd love to see in the future, let me know! 

Reuse Old Candle Jars for Home Organization

Guys, this DIY couldn't be simpler. I'm not even sure why it needs to be a "tutorial" but I love sharing the crafts and projects I do so why not? I don't know about you, but I go through candles like crazy. I love having a house full of yummy smells. And, not going to lie, it helps with having six animals. Two dogs, two cats, and two birds, no matter how often we vacuum and clean, I always worry that our house smells like our pets. So you can imagine how many candle jars I have lying around. I've finally gotten around to using them and this was my first "upcycle".

Until this project, I had been holding my makeup brushes in a mason jar which just wasn't big enough for all the brushes I have. So when we were updating my vanity (more on that later) I walked passed my graveyard of dead candle jars and saw the perfect specimen.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower

Way back in July (time flies!) my mom and I hosted a bridal shower for my future cousin, Allison. Yep same name. And the funny thing is, her new, married name will be my old maiden name. Talk about confusing. Anyway, we decided to have a bridal brunch and what better theme than Breakfast at Tiffany's?

My favorite part of any party has always been the invites. They are the first look guests get into what the party is going to be like. So of course I had to go all out. I designed them in three parts that I glued together with ribbon and added pearl stickers. It was a labor of love but I enjoyed every minute of it. I bought Tiffany blue envelopes and even geared the labels around looking like the unmistakable blue box. I think it's safe to say our guests know this was going to be a classy affair!

How to Get S#!t Done While Working From Home

On occasion, because of the flexibility of my job, I find myself working from home. Whether it's due to weather, sickness, or those dreadful cable company all-day appointments, it's important that I'm still able to get all my work done. And trust me, just because I don't have human children, doesn't mean my house doesn't get hectic. I've had to learn a few tricks of the trade over the years so I don't go insane.

Pimp Your Ride (for Under $20!)

At some point in most people's lives, it's time to upgrade to a bigger car. Whether it's because of kids, more trunk space, or hauling dogs to-and-fro, sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and get a mom big kid car. 

Mike and I joke that my Escape is my fur-mom ride. Mom ride or not, I need to drive in style! And without breaking the bank. We heard about this thing called "FlexiDip" from a friend and at first I was skeptical. What kind of scorcery could give me sexy rims for under $20? Lies!

Well, I was wrong, guys. Oh-so very wrong.

I love my Escape, which Mike refers to as "The Whip". She's pretty pretty even with her stock wheels. But a little makeup never hurt anyone so why not give her a little face lift?