a little sneak peek

1:46 PM

You've probably figured out by now, with all my post about movies, that Mike and I are quite the movie fanatics. I thought it might be fun to give you a little sneak peek [more like in depth look] at our movie collection. It's grown a lot in the past 2.5 years and soon my little IKEA shelves won't be able to hold them! I'm sure I could just go buy another shelf unit but I think soon we might have to get something bigger! I like to keep my movies in perfect alphabetical fashion :] I'm a little too organized with things.

So there you have it. Our DVD collection to date. Our little collection of Bluray discs is slowly growing ever since Mike bought me a Bluray player for my birthday last year.  What's in your collection?

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  1. Is that the Carmen Electra striptease? haha, I'm not gonna lie... I downloaded those videos and tried "working out" to them :D

  2. haha im not a dvd collector really, i rather like borrowing them ;D i love gathering books! but my shelf for them is hiden behind my curtains;D

    your dvd collections is really cute, it looks nice;D

  3. My boyfriend is a film major and absolutely adores movies as well! I'm getting him Black Swan for his birthday this weekend. He is so excited!

  4. This is so awesome! I feel like I just learned so much about you through your DVD's. Also, Pride and Prejudice is a great movie. So fun!

  5. wonderful! i love movies! i wish my collection was as expansive as yours.

  6. ohh awesome!
    so a couple things. i spotted arrested development! love!!! one of my favourite shows of all time.
    and i totally agree about cloverfield. we saw it in theatres and i actually had to sit with my eyes closed for pretty much the entire movie. major motion sickness! i was feeling so sick i actually thought i was suddenly getting the flu or something, haha.

    and zombieland is a grea movie. i was actually suprised by how much i liked it.

    too bad you're not visiting longer! we could have a movie marathon. stay for a week!!!

  7. wonderful!! i love movies! i wish my collection was as expansive as yours.

  8. oooh, you have completely inspired me to do something similar! we have over 500 dvds!
    I love this. and i'm really liking your blog! new follower!


  9. Oooh - there's a whole lotta Spongebob & Disney in my collection, but I have a weak spot for silly comedies (Superbad!), and the quirky movies: Little Miss Sunshine, The Science of Sleep, etc. I also love anything vampire (Hello, True Blood) and old tv series - Daria and Superbad. :) We're definitely movie freaks, too! he he. :)

  10. Oh heavens I love those Ikea shelves. I've been trying to find something to put our collection on & sadly they don't make anything big enough. Right now our collection consumes a closet in our house. A whole closet because seriously, no joke...we have over 500 DVD's. How's that for movie nerds? Ha!

  11. nice collection. I love LOVE STORY!! I too have mine in order by genres lol


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