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I'm sure you've seen this little post around the blog a thousand times over. With school being so hectic, posts like these are really helpful and easy to do. Plus, I haven't done an about me in a little while so I thought it would be fun.

Age: 21.

Bedsize: Queen… I had a twin all my life until 2 years ago.

Chores that you hate: Can I hate all of them? Most hated? Probably Folding and hanging laundry.

Dogs: Sadly, none yet. But that will change soon!

Essential start to your day:
Blueberry Greek yogurt with granola

Favorite color: Mustard Yellow and Teal

Gold or Silver: Silver.

Height: Tall. 5'10"

Instruments you play:
or rather ‘play-ed’ in past tense. I played the piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, and guitar. I'd like to start back up on piano some day soon.

Job title: Technically "student" but also Graphic Designer [and blogger!]

Kids: Nope. I am still a kid.

Live: Currently, in Ohio... very soon we'll be moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Mother’s Name: Norean Kaye (we have the same middle name)

Nicknames: Allie, Al, Alliecat, whatever word pops into Mike's head at the time... the list goes on and on

Overnight hospital stays:
Nope, I'm pretty lucky on that front

Pet peeves: Talking during movies. I will attack.

Quote from a movie or tv show: "There's no crying in baseball!!!"

Right or Lefty: Righty when writing, lefty at bat, golfing or in hockey, righty when throwing. I'm confusing.

Siblings: 1 brother, and 3 future brother-in-laws :]

Time you wake up: 8:00am at the latest

Underwear: Uh... yes? I like underwear... weird question.

Vegetable you hate: I like most vegetables. I've never tried brussel sprouts so that could be a possible hate.

What makes you run late:
Other people. I'm OCD about being on time

X-Rays You’ve Had:
Other than dental xrays, probably a few the first few times I pulled my elbow out of its socket.

Yummy food you make:
Panini sandwiches. Yum. I'm the bomb and panini making.

Zoo Animal: Lorikeets!!! They are my favorite! I love when they sit on my shoulder. I want to steal them every time.

What are your ABCs? 
If you decide to do this little meme link me up! I'd love to learn more about you!

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  1. student teaching is taking over my LIFE! but I have 6 weeks left and my poor blog is so neglected. I will be doing this!


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