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8:00 AM


More free stuff!  You’d be amazed what some cute social media buttons will do to spruce up your blog, so I’ve created a few simple sets for you to snag! Choose one color, or mix and match! The options are endless. Just download the zip file below and you can start putting these on your blog by following the steps below...

1. Download and unzip the file   2. Upload the images you want to use on an image hosting site like Photobucket              3. Copy the individual direct links for each image    4.Past into the code below


Do this for each of the buttons you want to use then paste them all in your sidebar widget. Viola! You’re one step closer to having a pimped out blog.

These free printables/files are going to be a semi-weekly thing here on Crafted Love. There’s no limit on what I will create for you each time so if you have any suggestions or wishes on what you’d like to see, leave me a comment! I will try my best to design something that everyone would love.

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  1. How do you display them in a row? It was easy to do them under one another but I see how yours are all lined up. thanks!

  2. @google-033792597ea7821b6bbb4e5766180696:disqus As long as your sidebar is large enough to fit them all side by side, they should sit side by side. If you are using blogger, put each individual button code into ONE html widget. If you put each piece of code into its own widget, they will show up one on top of the other. If that still doesn't make since feel free to email me and I can talk you through it :)

  3. Love, love, love these! Thanks for creating & sharing them! I'm a newbie blogger and adding pretty social media buttons has been on my to-figure-out list for a while. I just added these to my site and was happy to find out how easy it was! Thanks again!

  4. @twitter-913393651:disqus just checked them out, love it! The grey was a good choice!

  5. It took me a minute to understand what was going on but for the most part this was very easy to follow! Thanks!!

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  7. THANK YOU!!!! beautiful set! when my new blog is ready I will let you kno! much love and success!!!


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